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Wrinkles Tricks!

Meet Wrinkles!! Today is showing off his tricks, and isn’t he a good boy?? Show us your Pug’s tricks too!!!


3-Month-Old Pug Doing Tricks

Meet Snorka, the Pug! She’s only 3-month-old but… …she already knows a lot of tricks: Shake, speak/bark, play dead, lay down, spin and wait for food!


Pug & His 16 Tricks

Meet Tucker, the Pug! He has an impressive arsenal of… …16 AMAZING tricks! Enjoy…


The Intellectual Pug

This little guy is very smart and intelligent! He likes to wear glasses and… …do some tricks with a biscuit! Cute Pug!


Smart Pug Doing Tricks

Pugs are intelligent dogs and can be trained to do almost anything… for food needless to say! Here’s Angel, the Pug, doing some awesome tricks! Angel’s owner says that, before owning a Pug, he had a Beagle, Lab, Cocker, mut… …and undoubtedly, the Pug is the most enjoyable, loving, smart, and friendly dog out of […]


How to Teach Your Dog Tricks: The Sit Command

Dogs are fun, however if they don’t pay attention to you, they can as well be frustrating animals. You should teach your dog a few commands that will be effortless for your dog to learn and, consequently, will make your life a great deal less difficult. Try to teach your Pug this unique method for […]