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Girl and Pugs Grow Up Together

This adorable girl and these three Pugs grow up together… She really loves her three Pugs, but she has a super special bond with one of them. SO ADORABLE! Does your Pug like children? Watch & Smile:


Playing Dress Up

Children love to play with dogs… This little boy likes to play dress up with his Pug and enjoys fake feeding him! Does your dog have a little brother or sister? Watch & Comment:


Crank Him Up And Watch Him Spin

This black Pug is spinning and spinning! His owner cranks up her little dog and watch him spin and spin around! What do you think about the dog’s reaction? Watch and answer:


Only One Direction!

This cute pup can only use the stairs… …properly in one direction: UP! So, he needs to train to go down… SO CUTE!


Pug And Doberman Team Up

A cute Pug is inside his crate… and can’t get out! But he desperately wants to play. So, he call his buddy Doberman who helps him get free. This Pug and Doberman show that with a bit of teamwork, anything is possible!