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Home Alone Pug Version

This funny little Pug filled spin on the classic Christmas film – Home Alone. When puppy Kevin is left home alone for the holidays, chaos ensues. 🙂 FUNNY & CUTE! How cool is this video? Watch & Enjoy:


Ninja Turtles 2 (Pug Puppy Version)

The very anticipated Ninja Turtle Pugs 2 was released. When Shredder comes back from the dead… …it’s time for these turtle pug hybrids to save the day. Thank God Pugs are heroes!


Jay Z and Solange Knowles Apology (PUG Version)

Jay Z and Solange Knowles recently fought in an elevator and the entire world was witness to the footage. They recently apologized to one another in private, but an inside source leaked what was said… …and the conversion was recreated. With a pug!


“Back to the Future” Pug Version

Here’s another great movie remake! This time we have “Back to the Future”… Marty McFly (Izzy the Pug) goes back to 1955 and needs to get back to the future with help from Doc Brown. SO HILARIOUS!