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Only Pug Videos

Check out this compilation of Pug videos… They are the funniest dogs in the whole world. PUGS RULE! What is your dog’s best expression? Watch & Enjoy:


The Cutest Pug Videos

Pugs are the most adorable breed of dog out there… Here is a new compilation of 100% Pug videos. PUGS RULE! How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Enjoy:


30 Pug Videos

Pugs are just too FUNNY… Check out this compilation of 30 incredible Pug videos. One pug is cute, but 30? They are amazing. What is your Pug’s best expression? Watch & Comment:


Hilarious Reaction to Mr. Tom Bergeron

This little Pug has a hilarious reaction to Mr. Tom Bergeron. We don’t really know if he loves or hates America’s Funniest Home Videos… …but this video for sure has to be part of it! LOL Watch & Laugh:


Pug Attacks Laptop

These three Pugs are watching some videos of themselves… …and they get really confused! One of the Pug decides that it’s time to stop with the videos and attacks the laptop! BTW the laptop still works fine! So FUNNY!