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Slurping Water From a Spray Bottle

Meet Grover, the Pug! He will show you a way to your Pug cool during Spring and Summer! You’ll need one Pug and one spray bottle of cold water… LOL Watch it here:


Pug Summer

Here’s a video clip of the cool song “Pug Summer” by Neil Crevice featuring Richard the Pug! Hilarious! “Pugs cant swim and thats a fact… They sink to the bottom and dont… float back… Take it from me Neil Crevice… I had to throw him a flotation device… Cause he jumped in the pool… And […]


Pug Dives in the Bucket

Harold, the Pug, loves his toy. But the toy fell in a bucket full of water! Well… No problem! Look at Harold diving down deep in the bucket to get his favorite toy!