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The Funniest, Quirkiest and Meme-worthy Pug GIFs You’ll See!

If you’re like me, you turn to dog videos, GIFs, photos, and memes to make your day a little better. For bad days, it’s basically the only thing that can keep you sane. And among your collection of extensive memes and videos, there’s likely one or two pug ones.

Whether you’re in a bad mood or you want to feel a little better, here are some of the funniest and most meme-worthy pugs you’ll see.

Add it to your collection or bookmark this page so you can easily access it when you’re feeling the lowest of the low.

1. Rare footage of the first ever pugventurer riding his beloved “ship” and finding land for the first time.

2. This little puggerino is most likely dizzy right after chasing the car’s wiper.

3. That adorable little sneeze and the even more adorable expression after he knew you saw him sneezed.

4. The little one at the back is about to fall face down on the ground. And that little black pugger’s face is derpy – we love it so much!

5. Puggerino be like: “He’s right behind me, right?” and the cat be like “Don’t look back! Don’t take another step back!”

6. When you’re watching TV and someone you don’t like suddenly appears and starts talking…

7. Surprised little puggerino. Meme-worthy.

8. “Mom and dad said I should water the plants.”

9. That judgmental face…

10. “Bruh! What did you say?!”

11. Someone’s deep in trouble..

12. When your mom introduces you to her friends as a kid.

13. Every time someone says “Let’s eat!”

14. “Congratulations! It’s a bouncing baby pug!”

15. “What is this? Please take it off me. Please leave me alone.”

We hope you loved these pug GIFs as much as we did! And hope you also feel a lot better now you’ve been blessed by these wonderful creatures! Share your most favorite quirky pugs now!