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These 13 Adorable Pugs Getting Pampered will Leave you Feelin’ Chill

You don’t always get the chance to be pampered, but what do you do when you’re really stressed out? It’s easy, watching dogs getting pampered will make you feel like you’re almost getting a massage.

You don’t have to stress out and find some good photos, videos or GIFs. We’ve already got you covered!

Here are some of the and most relaxing, adorable and hilarious pugs getting the best pampering of their lives!

1. These little puggerinos are having their bath and it’s a one way ticket to Comfort Land.

2. When little hooman dips in the pool, I get some pampering too.

3. This chubby little angel is getting all the belly rubs he deserved for being too adorable.

4. When you’re spoiled and have nothing to do but sunbathe. #puglife

5. This GIF is basically a blessing and you’ll be cured of everything bad you feel.

6. A bath and a massage? It’s a good day for this good puggo!

7. Someone’s having a really good time…

8. This is a rare sight to behold! Not because cats and dogs are rivals but cats have superior complex and they don’t do the work much often.

9. Face rubs appear to be as good as belly rubs for this adorable pug.

10. This cute little guy is getting ready to learn how to swim – those little paws paddling will melt your heart in an instant.

11. Relaxing at the pool with the ladies…complete with a cute bowtie.

12. When it’s been a really hot day and you’re enjoying a nice long bath…

13. That little bonnet makes everything look so perfect! And he seems too content with his paw massage.

These pugs are surely living the best life. Hopefully this list made you feel as good as we did!