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These Hilarious Pugs Act Like You!

There’s nothing more amusing than seeing our pet dogs acting like us. It’s fascinating to see them act in parodies or actually acting like humans do. That said, here’s a list of the most hilarious and adorable pugs who are acting quite familiar for us.

1. This little cutie knows how to walk his own “baby” in a stroller.

2. I mean, you can’t differentiate this adorable puggo from a real baby right?

3. I bet he plays Fur Elise better than you can.

4. Any ideas what song he’s jamming to?

5. We’re all waiting for him to drop his album.

6. A reggae legend is born…

7. It’s more like “this pug is acting like what a human should do.” See that judging face? That’s what you get when you don’t throw garbage properly.

8. I will watch Game of Thrones if pugs portrayed them…and probably avoid all the killing.

9. He’d probably win an Emmy for Best Actor.

10. I don’t know what this is, but this is purely awesome.

11. I’d never miss a day at work if he were my boss.

12. Aye! Aye! Captain!

13. This dog’s a better surfer than I will ever be. What a brave puggo!

14. Adulting: enjoying shopping for groceries.