Pug Welcomes Dad Home

This is a beautiful story of a family reunited again.

Daddy came home from a deployment, and at first this Pug wasn’t pretty sure of who it was…

But in the second his daddy touches him, you can see the excitement and happiness of this pretty Pug!

A Must SEE!

  • Bob Wuest says:

    Wonderful! I am so happy to have found the Pug Fan CLub. I got my first Pug in 1960. At that time there where about 600 Pugs in the US. I have always had Pugs. Life without a Pug or three or more would be no life at all.

  • Jaakko Huttunen says:


  • Deloris says:

    That is so awesome, and the wife had to wait her turn,, lol

  • Escobar says:

    She really LOVES her daddy!

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