What Are the Best Mixed Breeds for a Pug?

We recently asked our Pug Community to answer this question:

What are the best mixed breeds for a pug?

Here’s what they had to say. Lets us know if you agree in the comments!

Pug\Boston mix…a Pugston!😂

pug/ pek are a really beautiful mix . Very independent and individual Dogs but very loyal and loving . Chugs are very lively, noisy but oh so cute and full of love . I have one of each and they are Ying and yang

Pug husky

Chugs are adorable! Though I have 2 pugs , next time I would love a chug.
That would be interesting!

PUGGLE! 🙂 (Pug x Beagle)


I have a bugg. Pug and Boston Terrier. Awesome personality!

Pug and jack russell – Jug. My little lads fantastic..

Pug and Shih Tzu is great..

Pug French bulldog

Pug and pekingese.

Great Dane and pug

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