What Are the Pros and Cons of Having a Pug at Home?

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Having a Pug at Home?

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Cons: The shedding – definitely the shedding – when I had more than one I joked that they were trying to add another pug to the pack, one hair at a time! And they are a bit stubborn in temperament

I have a pug with a broken front leg who is FORBIDDEN to jump down, jump up, walk more than a few steps to lift his leg. He doesn’t care – there are squirrels to chase!!! They can have separation anxiety – which can be cured with another pug-buddy.

Pros: Everything about them – they are warm, loving, funny, tolerant, cuddly, friendly, so easy to love! Their temperament is tolerant and they rarely act aggressively. They were bred to sit in the laps of Chinese women and eat off their plates – a goal mine have always attempted to achieve. I trained mine by rewarding them for doing what I wanted them to do and they have been super obedient to my rules. I’ve had pugs for 46 years, and I have loved every single one of them.

Shedding problem is a myth! They only shed once a year for 365 days! Lol
Lots of hair and snores as everybody says. But our girl is the sweetest most loyal dog we’ve ever had. She’s really getting old and doesn’t get around very well but doesn’t want me out of her sight. She cried when I come home after being gone even a short time she’s so happy I’m home.

Pro: Keep your vacuum cleaner on its toes.
Con: Replace vacuum cleaner every two years.

Pugs are awesome, but they are shedding MACHINES!I am on my 4th pug. As stated above, they do shed alot. But they love so fiercely that they want to be with you constant ant not only do they want to be with you, they want to touch you. So when they cuddle they want to be right up against you. I have had many breeds of dogs but the pug for sure is my favorite

Make sure to get their teeth cleaned or brush them as with any dog.

The shedding and snoring : )

I vaccumed almost every day and made sure to get their undecoats taken care of in the spring summer.. less to shed is less to vaccum..

The snoring.. I used a fan at night : ) neither would stop me from having a pug again.

Pros: everything. Cons: When you can’t be with them 24/7
If you find one that’s bred by an ethical breeder, shedding is the only con.

Well mine is docile and such great companions but they do shed alot, which is annoying

There is no better companion. They fill your heart and your lap (and often, your bed), and make you smile every day. They make sure you know you’re owned by covering you in hair. Easy going and easy keeping, though like all dogs, mind the vet bills.

Potty training can sometimes be a challenge, but I think they are absolutely the best companions…silly, fun, and so loving. They want to be with you all the time so make sure you’ve got an excess to give!

They shed a lot! And snore! But the love of a pug is unconditional!

They shed a lot, but all the love makes up for it!

Great dogs I trained mine to take down a full-grown moose

Lots of hair

They are loving, funny, all around great companions. Just don’t wear black….