What Surprised You Most About Owning a Pug?

We recently asked our Pug Community to answer this question:

What Surprised You Most About Owning a Pug?

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My 4 pugs always made me smile! When I’m sad they make me laugh. Best pugs ever

Cuddle babies!! And soooo smart.

How quickly they learn everything but potty training lol. They are so smart.

Hairy!! Omigosh they are the hairiest, most shedding dogs ever!!

They shed and vacuuming is a thing that will have to increase. You may have to clean out facial folds with qtips. Their ears need cleaned more regularly as well. Most are food motivated so they’re quick to train. They snore. They are excellent finders and watching them hunt a big outside is sort of amazing.

Loving & Very Stubborn, but one look at that cute face and it’s love 💗
Elizabeth Le Beau-Trelfa Iv fallen in love with my boy unconditionally already. And he is only two weeks old ( don’t worry still with his mum) lol.

Pugs are so silly! My pug makes me laugh every day. I didn’t expect that. 😄

I had a pug for 5 years, from 10 to 15 years old. Sweetest furbaby named Patrick. They do shed but brush them often. Find a place that does the deshedding treatment. Don’t go to petsmart for anything, you can’t see anything they do in the back. Always always have water handy in the car, your purse, and full dish at home. It’s very important they get plenty of water. Please try not to overfeed, it’s hard but their weight is a big issue. They eat their food fast, I had a bowl with a raised bone shape in the middle, helps them eat slower.

Yes, my Toby sheds bad. They have a double coat. He is very timid and hardly barks and always has to be touching me! Gotta love him! <3 I know everybody says it but the shedding was the most surprising for such a little dog I now consider pug hair a condiment and an accessory! I have a very sweet calm if not somewhat lazy little girl who’s going to be 10 on Wednesday. They are the most in tune with their owner dogs I have ever met. Ruby has a vast vocabulary and that little head tilt that she knows what you’re talkin about is so sweet. The LOVE….The love that they have for you & the love you have for them. It so wonderful!! Love my pug, she was a therapy dog. She is blind now. Love her to pieces The shedding! How they can shed as much as they do and still have a coat Shedding is the worst. My pugs make me laugh everyday. They love to cuddle, snoring makes me sleep like a baby. My best dog ever. Aunti Megan Hook, as an adult, it’s the only breed I’ve owned!! Be very careful on their body temperature! If they overheat, they could die! The yucky eye boogers and the farts are lethal!’ 😝 The snoring, but it’s over looked by the unconditional love and snuggles!!!

I recommend pugs highly. They’re smart, loving, mischievous, funny, snuggly, mine were easily trained, they shed, but just need to brush daily and run the vacuum. No big deal. They’ll make you laugh and you’ll fall in love. Wouldn’t know what to do without my babies. ❤❤ How loud they snore, although not all of them do. And the love You can give them ! The love they can give !

Goodbye comfortable sleeping position ! They are not what you would expect, I always thought they would be laid back calm dogs and they are super hyper, hard to train shed like crazy and bark a lot! But with that said they are also very loving sweet babies and I have 4 lol and you can never have enough pugs😂

Pug glitter everywhere! They are so worth it. ❤️ I agree with the no personal space lol I knew they were companion dogs , but underestimated how much he would actually want to be in my lap 😂 I love it though . He’s my little buddy ❤️🐾 They are love bugs and they can’t help being goofy. On a practical note, my first two were fawns and they shed……a lot. The one I have now is black and she doesn’t. And when I say that I have a pug, I really mean I’m owned by a pug. just how much I would love them and love their funny little personality They shed a lot ! But it’s all worth it !

How your life will never be the same!!! 💞 Snoring They are so loving. I was a chow owner before. I will always have a pug or two. They are addicting. All the shedding! And the lovely annal gland leakage The look in their eyes as just saying I love you You’re going to lose your pillow How loudly they snore!!!

Yes! I have had 3 and each time I did not think I could love one more. The capacity to love has blown out of the water. Each one was a joy Your home will be safe from unseen things and leaves Very loving 🥰 Make you laugh all the time They train you, and tell you what they want. Very stubborn😇 The eternal pug glitter 😂 Absolutely no personal space. EVER. 🤣😂 Farking (bark with a fart). How loving and comforting they are. Their breath smells like roses