Wonderful World of Pugs

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Get ready!

We’re going to explore the wonderful world of Pugs.

Fasten your safety belts.

We’re going on a wild ride… They may look and snore like pigs, but Pug are the most adorable dog breed in the World! We L-O-V-E Pugs!

Are you ready?


  • Bob says:

    This is my first Pug and I’ve quickly learned to love her so much. Give her an once of love and she gives you a pound of love back. She goes to bed with a smile and she wakes up every morning with a smile. She’s very smart and I was able to house break her very quickly. I installed a “doggie” door and she goes in and out to the back yard and that’s were she potties.

  • Debra Murrietta says:

    I love Pugs. Got hooked in the 90 s. I have a male who is a character. His name is Trouble.

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